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Custom Sensory Rice Kit

Custom Sensory Rice Kit

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Personalize your sensory rice kit to make it just as unique as the child receiving it!! Price starts at just $28!!

Kit Includes:

  • 2 Cups Rice (rainbow or your choice of up to 3 colors)
  • Wooden Letter Tiles (to spell child’s name)
  • Resin Letters OR Mini Pegs with Letters (to spell child's name)
  • Wooden Scoop
  • Wooden Bowl

note: 5 letters are included, additional letters incur an extra cost


Add extras to further customize your kit

  • Extra Bowl (+ $2)
  • Extra Scoop (+ $2)
  • Sensory Mix (metallic chickpeas, metallic lentils, and black beans) (+ $5)
  • 5 Felt Balls (assorted colors) (+ $5)
  • Wooden Loose Parts (wooden balls/beads, wooden acorns, mini wooden blocks, etc) (+ $5)

note: the wooden box shown in the pictures is NOT available/included


Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks for all custom kit orders



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