About Us

Susan and Beth, from 2 Paper Sisters

Oh hey there!!

We are Beth (on the left) and Susan (on the right). Together, we make up 2 Paper Sisters. We are the founders, CEOs, masterminds, social media managers, creative development team.... you get the idea. We launched our business in January of 2020, and we have been go-go-go ever since!

2 Paper Sisters was formed out of a need for fun, educational, easy activities for our kids. We dove into the digital download space and now have a wide assortment of products: SVG and PNG files for you crafty folks; educational activities for kids; organizational tools for all the adults trying to get their lives together; wall art to add fun and style to your home. 

Near the end of 2020, we decided we really wanted to develop some fun, hands on, physical products- to help kids and caregivers rediscover the enjoyment of imaginative play! We started with our story card decks, then added sensory kits, peg dolls, and more. We know how easy it can be for kids to be sucked into electronic devices, so it's important to us that we offer play activities and spaces for kids to be kids- to learn, explore, discover, and grow.

Check our Product Catalog to see what we have to offer!