Sensory Play. Delivered.

Get your hands on our carefully curated collection of sensory, open ended, and imaginative play activities...

all in one convenient quarterly package.



Cognitive Development


Adding tactile experiences to play helps children build cognitive and critical thinking skills. While little hands explore textures, shapes, sizes, and weights, they are making predictions and learning cause and effect. 


Motor Skills


Sensory play encourages gross and fine motor skill development. From perfecting that pincer grasp to stacking blocks to scooping and pouring, finger and hand muscles are hard at work.


Creativity & Curiosity


Open ended play has no set rules, no right or wrong, no winner or loser. This type of play builds and encourages creative thinking and problem solving. When children have freedom to explore, create, and experience, they are gaining valuable skills- even if it may not look like it at first!

Sensory Susbcription Box

This carefully curated colletion of sensory, open ended, and imaginative play for ages 3-6 is delivered right to your door every three months.


Each box contains at least 3 fun and unique sensory or open ended play activities, tied together with a common theme.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the frequency for the Sensory Subscription Box?

This is a quarterly box, so you will receive 4 boxes each year!  This equates to one box each season: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Shipping dates may vary depending on when you subscribe.


You can subscribe at any time! Any purchases after May 10 / August 10 / November 10 / Feb 10 will receive the next season's box as their first box.

How much does it cost?
What does the Sensory Subscription Box include?
Can I just buy a single box? Do I have to subscribe?
Sample/ Past Boxes

Curious to see what might be included in your box?  Look below!

Spring- Pollinator Box!

A fun, pollinator box to excite your budding gardener!


This box included:


- 3 bags of rice colored with all-natural, non-toxic dye in rainbow colors

- 1 wooden scoop

- 1 wooden bowl

- bug or butterfly playdough

- 2 pieces colorful flower sidewalk chalk

- sticker coloring sheet

- free download of our bee mini unit printable


Use the box as a handy container for your rice play and for easy storage when done!

Summer- Beach Box

A fun, space-themed box for your little explorer.


Children will love scooping, pouring, discovering, and playing. This box included:


- 3 bags of blue/green/purple rice colored with all-natural, non-toxic dye

- 1 metal pail and plastic shovel

- Beach mixins- mermaid and pirate peg, shells, and stones

- Bubbles

- 3 multicolored mermaid tail crayons

- 2 fizzy potion tubes

- sticker coloring sheet

- ideas and suggestions for play


Use the shipping box as a handy container for your rice play or use another shallow-walled box or bin.