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Conversation Starter Cards - Dinner Deck

Conversation Starter Cards - Dinner Deck

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Conversation Starter Cards


Ever feel like dinner is just about everyone shoveling food into their mouths as fast as possible? Or that everyone is just on their electronics? Reclaim family dinner time with our Conversation Starters Dinner Deck.

Our Dinner Deck consists of 30 cards to prompt conversation at the dinner table to get your whole family talking.

This is a physical product consisting of 30 4x6 cards with different types of questions:

  • 10 general
  • 10 food themed
  • 10 thought provoking


This is a physical product- you will receive a printed deck of affirmation cards. We also sell this as a digital download in our Etsy Store, if you would prefer to print at home yourself. 

We give back! We donate 5% of ALL of our proceeds to American-based charities.

Thanks for supporting a female-owned small business AND an American based charity.

Personal use only. Not for commercial use/licensing.


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