Everything you need to know about Sensory Rice

Sensory Rice eBook: on sale now for just $4.99!

Worried your kids are getting TOO much screen time? 
 Looking for a fun way to spark their imaginations? 
 Wish there was a way to reinforce learning concepts in a hands on way, without worksheets and workbooks? 
 Heard of child-led learning and open-ended play but not sure where to start? 

 Then you need this eBook! 

Inside, you'll learn: 
 What sensory rice is 
Why kids love it 
Why parents love it 
How to incorporate it into your kids' play 
How to make your own!

Kids LOVE sensory rice. Whether it's because of the fun colors, the way the rice feels in their hands, or the boundless opportunities to create and imagine, sensory rice is an amazing addition to your play space. It's also a snap to set up and clean up- so easy that your kids can even do it all themselves. Win-Win!

Parents love sensory rice! It's simple, doesn't take up much space, and is so easy to set up and clean up. Plus, it keeps kids entertained for hours. While they are sifting, pouring, scooping, and playing, they are honing a variety of skills, from motor skills to problem solving skills and more. It's the ultimate sneaky educational toy!
Your Kids Need Sensory Rice

Our sensory rice is colored with all natural, allergen friendly dyes so that ALL children can play without fears of reactions! 

Download our Sensory Rice eBook to learn more and get some tips and techniques for getting the most out of this versatile toy.
Improve Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Sensory rice just BEGS to be grabbed, pinched, sifted, and scooped. Exploring the rice in these methods helps kids improve and hone their motor skills and develop self confidence.
Open a World of Free Play

Sensory rice is such a simple, but powerful, toy- and no batteries are required! There are no flashing lights, no loud noises, no electronics of any kind. It's just the rice, some accessories, and your kid's imagination and sense of wonder to guide play. It's amazing to see what they come up with and create!
Reinforce Literacy Skills

Sensory Rice is an amazing tool for working on literacy skills. With just a few simple props (and prompts from mom/dad), watch as your child flexes those pre-reading, early reading, and advanced reading skills.

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