March 2022 Subscription Box: SPACE

March 2022 Subscription Box: SPACE

Welcome to your March 2022 box!!

Thank you so much for your purchase; we hope you are loving your box! Tag us on social media (@2.paper.sisters on Instagram; 2 Paper Sisters on Facebook) and let us see your subscription box products in action! We love seeing your kiddos discovering and playing!


Let's take a look at the two brands featured in this quarter's box.

~ 2 Paper Sisters ~

2 Paper Sisters is a small batch mom-owned toy shop for child led play & learning.

We strongly believe in creating spaces and opportunities for kids to explore, discover, learn, and play. Our easy, fun, low prep activities empower caregivers to reduce their reliance on screens and instead introduce kids to a simpler, more fulfilling way to play.

You can shop all our products online at and use code SENSORYBOX for 15% off your next purchase!


~ Happy Dough Lucky ~

At Happy Dough Lucky we believe that the BEST kind of play is play that is made! Our hand packed, naturally dyed modeling dough is designed to promote open-ended play, creativity, and healthy child development.

You can shop all our products online at and also find us on Etsy!



Never played with Sensory Rice before, or looking for new and interesting ways to keep your kiddo engaged and playing all day long?  Here are some of our favorite tips for stretching playtime while encouraging learning!

  • Bury the space toys, glow int he dark stars, and/or black stones in the rice. Challenge your child to find the items hidden in the rice. Now have your child describe the items found. Are they hard or soft, big or little, smooth or rough?
  • Have your child place the included play items in size order. How does your child react when more than one item is the same size?
  • Grab a small bowl or cup and place it in the rice. Challenge your child to fill it completely with rice and/or chickpeas using only his/her hands. How long does it take to fill the bowl? How much rice can the container hold before it starts spilling over? Try using other methods to fill the bowl (pincer grasp to pick up individual pieces of rice, using the included wooden scoop, using another bowl/cup, etc). Which method was easiest? Hardest? Fastest? Slowest?
  • Use letter toys you already have at home- letter tiles, magnetic letters, foam letters, etc; bury them in the rice. Have your child help! Once buried, call out a letter, and have your child find it. Can your child find all the letters in his/her name? Challenge your child to spell simple CVC words. 
  • Bury items in the rice again. Call out a number and have your child grab enough chickpeas or items to add up to the number. Older children can do simple addition or subtraction problems!
  • Color the sticker sheet, peel off the backing, and stick it to the inside of the box bottom. Dump the rice into the box. Hand your child a clear glass and work it into the rice so it is touching the bottom of the box. Have your child look down into the glass at the sticker sheet. Slide the glass around the box to find all the different planets, stars, etc that your child colored!
  • Encourage your child to use his/her imagination to create a space scene! Free play is amazing, and you'll never know what kids might create.


Some videos we put together with more Sensory Rice play ideas:

  • Cookie Cutter Rice Play (VIEW)
  • Rice Writing (VIEW)



2 Paper Sisters products that compliment your subscription box!

  • Sensory Bin Filler Cards, set 1 (VIEW)
  • Sensory Bin Filler Cards, set 2 (VIEW)
  • DIY Solar Oven (VIEW)



*FREE* resources to extend your space learning and play!

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