Summer Vacay!!!!

I live for our family's annual summer trip. Our parents, Beth and her family, our brothers and their families, and my family all converge on a touristy place for about a week. That's 18 of us. All in one place. For a week. It is seriously awesome...mostly, after everyone's readjusted to being together full time, and we've all sorted out our birth order, and our parents, and our kids' birth order in relation to their immediate families and their cousins. Oh, and our significant others...honestly, they just kinda get swept up in the tornado that is our family.

We do lots of fun things, laugh a lot, tease each other a lot, stay up late, get up early, entertain little ones, and snark at each other (also a lot...again, there's 18 of us).

This year, we're hitting Orlando the last week of July. Yes, it will be HOT. It reminds me of the time when we were kids, and our dad posed the question of whether we should go to Disney in August or over Spring Break. We picked Spring Break. He picked August, so I'm sure you can imagine where we were in August - Orlando. 

All of this to say that Beth and I will be OOO as it were for the final week of July. We will package up all of the orders when we return, and we'll be sure to message you about expected delivery times.

Check our stories and feed for silly, fun, and snarky snippets from our vacay. 

Take care

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