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Using your Sensory Rice Kit!

Oh sensory rice... how we love you so!

We love the way it helps our littles hone those fine and gross motor skills. We love the creative and critical thinking skills we see at work. We love the boundless play opportunities it presents. When it comes to favorite imaginative play and open ended toys, sensory rice is at the top of the list. 

One of the best things about this play medium is the simple (dare I say almost non-existent) set-up that is required. Seriously. You just grab your play container, dump the rice, add a few manipulatives (scoops, beads, bowls, toys, etc), and VIOLA! Instant play space.

But, we know that sometimes, these super simple activities can seem... overwhelming. Are you doing it right? Is it fun enough? Should you add more things? It can't really be as simple as some rice in a box, can it?

That's where we come in. We have a full range of sensory rice products to help you make the most out of this versatile and endlessly fun play activity.

Ok, let's grab your rice kit. Don't have one yet? We recommend our hugely popular Rainbow Sensory Rice Kit.



Not quite what you want? We also have some other really fun themed kits, as well as our all-natural starter kit and basic kit.








The Rainbow Sensory Rice Kit includes a wooden play box, 2 cups of rainbow colored rice, 1 wooden bowl, 7 rainbow peg people, and 8 rainbow-themed learning cards. This is your grab-and-go turnkey play solution. Everything you need to start playing right away is included in this kit! Here are some ways to use the kit contents for a fun day of play!


  • Bury the rainbow peg people in the rice. Then set out the 8 cards (there's one for each color of the rainbow plus one rainbow picture) and challenge your child to find the pegs in the rice and match them to the correct card.
  • Have your child put the pegs and/or cards in rainbow order. Now have your child find the primary colors. Now secondary colors. Practice identifying which primary colors mix together to get each of the secondary colors.
  • Use the color cards to work on spelling and writing. Grab a dry erase marker and have your child trace the letters on each card to spell each word. Practice phonics and sounding out each color until your child can read them comfortably. Put the color cards in alphabetical order. Challenge your child to put the cards in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Set the wooden bowl in the rice. Challenge your child to fill it completely using his/her hands- how long does it take to fill the bowl? How much rice can the bowl hold before it starts spilling over? Try using other methods to fill the bowl (using pincer grasp to pick up individual pieces of rice, using hands to scoop, using spoons and other objects from your house as a scoop)- which one is easiest? Hardest? Slowest?





Want some more tips and suggestions? We have an eBook of 21 exciting and fun ways to learn and play with sensory rice!

Happy playing!!

Susan & Beth


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