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This is the time of year that I love to hate. I love that I can feel spring coming, see trees budding, hear birds singing. I hate that I still have to wear a jacket and pants...pants are the worst. My kids get antsy around this time of year too. They want to play outside, but it's just not quite time yet. The wind is still too sharp, or the rain, the damn rain, just won't stop. Those rare, warm-ish sunny days are hard to find this time of year.

So, when you're stuck inside, yet again, and your kids are driving you crazy, yet again, we've got you. Our current monthly focus is Indoor Play. If you're tired of your kids playing games that involve running-around-the-house-like-maniacs, then this curated collection of indoor play products is for you.

Some ways you can invite your child to play with you:

  • Tell a story together using one of our Story Card decks.
  • Play with numbers, letters, shapes, and colors with our Sensory Rice.
  • Play games with the family using our Dinner Deck: Game Version.
  • Practice fine motor skills with our Lacing Cards.
  • Extend the magic of Narnia by playing our Printable Narnia Board Game.
  • Explore engineering with our DIY Catapult.
  • Relax, play and learn with our Activity Placemats.


Click this link to explore ways to make this final month indoors more bearable and enjoyable for everyone, but especially you. It's been a tough year.



Take care of yourself and others,

2 Paper Sisters






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