All About the Sensory Rice Starter Kit

Sensory Rice is seriously AMAZING

It is just SO versatile. And our Sensory Rice Starter Kit is the perfect option for curating an open ended invitation to play for your littles. Whether you want to practice literacy, counting, matching, or simply fine and gross motor skills- sensory rice can do it all.

The Sensory Rice Starter Kit includes a wooden play box, 2 cups of rice, 6 beads, 2 wooden bowls, 1 wooden scoop, and 12 pages of activities. This is your grab-and-go turnkey play solution. Everything you need to start playing right away is included in this kit!

  • Cut apart the included letter squares and bury them in the rice (or have your child help you bury them!). Once buried, call out a letter and have your child find it! Can your child find all the letters in his/her name? Or spell simple CVC words (use the CVC sheet to help with this activity)? Can your child match the upper and lower case letters? This also works great with scrabble tiles or bananagrams!

  • Cut apart the included number squares and bury them in the rice (or have your child help you bury them!). Call out a number and have your child hunt for it. Use the numbers to do simple addition or subtraction problems. Use the boxed number sheet to have your child: place the correct number of objects in each box; place numbers in the box that add up to the correct number; match the cut out number to the larger number box.

  • Cut apart the included shape and color squares and bury them in the rice (or have your child help you bury them!). Call out a color or shape and have your child find it. Use the included color or shape sheets to facilitate color and shape matching. Have older kids try to fill the large shapes completely with rice (without spilling outside the shape).

  • Bury the beads in the rice. Challenge your child to find them all! How many beads can your child stack in a bowl before the beads start to fall out? Use the beads to do simple addition and subtraction problems, or to practice counting.
  • Set the two bowls in the rice. Challenge your child to fill them completely using the scoop- how long does it take to fill each bowl? How much rice can the bowls hold before it starts spilling over? Make it a race- who can fill their bowl first? Try using other methods to fill the bowl (using pincer grasp to pick up individual pieces of rice, using hands to scoop, using one bowl as a scoop)- which one is easiest? Hardest? Slowest?


Have you tried any of the above ideas with your Sensory Rice Starter Kit? What other fun ways have you found to play with your sensory rice? We'd LOVE to hear!! Comment below, or share your ideas with us on social media- tag us on Instagram @2.paper.sisters and using hashtag #learnwith2papersisters.


Are you more of a visual person? Check out the video below about creating your own sensory experience with the Starter Kit!



Happy playing!!

Susan & Beth


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