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Sensory Rice: Basic Kit

Sensory Rice: Basic Kit

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Sensory Rice: Basic Kit

Not sure if sensory rice is really what you need? (It is, trust us.) But, if you want to run a few trial runs first, our Basic kit is perfect for you!

Along with a few items you have at home, your young 'un, we recommend ages 4-7, will be occupied for HOURS, literally. 

We recommend dumping the bag of rice into a shallow, unbreakable dish, or Tupperware, adding the bowl and scoop, and invite your kiddo to come explore. More ideas of how to create a sensory experience are below.

Secret: This is also fun for adults or older kids who have anxiety.

Ideas of how to invite your little to play:

  • Dump rice into a container; add scoop and bowl.
  • Invite your little to touch, scoop, pick up, and pour the rice.
  • Please watch closely, the rice could be a choking hazard, and it doesn't taste that great anyway!
  • Cut out the laminated squares on these pages; hide them in the rice.
  • Invite your little to find the same colors, letters, or shapes.
  • Invite your little to find letters in their name, create CVC words, make groups, or patterns.
  • Invite your little to explore, make up stories, and play using their imagination!

The Basic Kit includes the following items:

  1. 2 cups of rice, choose from red, green, yellow, blue, or purple
  2. 1 wood bowl
  3. 1 wood scoop
  4. 4 pages of activities

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