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Pocket Affirmations for kids, ages 5-12

Pocket Affirmations for kids, ages 5-12

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Pocket Affirmations for kids, ages 5-12

We wrote these pocket-sized, positive affirmations specifically for kids. These pocket cards are perfect because your kiddos can keep the physical tokens in their pockets or book bags as a way to help them practice building self esteem and confidence. They can color and keep the 4x6 cards as a reminder when they are home. Use them as book marks, taped on their mirror, or hung on the fridge. Both the cards and the tokens help promote positive thinking based on truths about themselves with focus on character, not appearances.

Practicing positive affirmations helps kids engage the "emotional" part of their brain. This helps them with problem solving, controlling impulses, and regulating emotions.

Making a habit of this teaches our children how to replace a negative thought with a positive truth about themselves. This is a tool they can carry with them through all of life.

Choose from Tyrannosaurus Rex for your quiet child; Stegosaurus for your spirited child; heart to remind your child of your love; crown to remind your child to use their manners.


Please note, colors of tokens may vary.

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