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Labor Day Unit: Digital Download

Labor Day Unit: Digital Download

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Labor Day Unit: Digital Download

Parent and Educator Approved!

What is Labor? And why do we celebrate Labor Day, anyway? Help your elementary-aged kiddo work through these questions and more with this fun, interactive Labor Day Unit Study. Have your child read a book about Labor Day or do some internet research (independently or together!) and then talk about what he/she learned. You'll also get the chance to explore different jobs and learn about your child's career aspirations. Finish the unit out with an interview project. Your child will select a family member to interview to find out all about his/her career. Have your child create a presentation about the family member and what he/she learned. Make it fun, and bring a love of learning into your home!

You will receive 1 PDF file with three pages
  1. Questions about Jobs
  2. Questions about Labor Day
  3. Family Interview Project information


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